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Tadpoles 1 - Non Walkers

Tadpoles 2Walkers

Young infants are fascinated by other people and soon learn to use facial expressions, other movements, and vocalisations to initiate, return, and end interactions with others. With teachers who respond to their emotional and social cues (crying, laughing, smiling), infants begin to learn that they can affect others through their actions. This understanding helps them to see themselves as competent individuals who can influence the world around them.

Our teaching staff aim to provide a secure, loving and predicable environment for infants in our centre. We provide a range of stimulating activities that help develop a child's sense of well being, belonging, emerging communication, contribution and opportunities for exploration.

Our partnership with parents, family and whanau is valued and we encourage the building of warm and reciprocal relationships that foster the best learning and nurturing outcomes for all. There is a strong emphasis on building trust and helping our infants feel settled and happy in a safe and secure environment

Tadpoles 3

Toddlers busily explore their independence as they learn about and respond increasingly to the feelings of others and as they gain better control over their emotions. The world is an exciting place for toddlers, but it sometimes overwhelms them.

As a result, toddlers typically find themselves wanting the impossible: to be big and to stay little at the same time. The same toddler who screams, "No!" when his teacher says it is time to wash his hands may be crying five minutes later, wanting to be cuddled like a baby. Responsive and caring teachers understand that toddlers want to practice their new skills, make their own decisions, and do things themselves.

We provide an environment that enhances children's learning through programmes based on individual strengths, interests and passions. Our programme includes activities and experiences focusing on the children's needs and interests as observed by our teachers. We also support learning opportunities that occur with more structure such as morning and afternoon tea, lunch, nappy changes/toileting and also rest time.

Froglets - Pre-School 1

This age group set themselves apart from toddlers more than anything else in their newfound ability to express themselves in words and ideas. This ability opens up a whole new social world. They are learning to trust that their parents, teachers and other important people in their lives will take good care of them. Trust gives them the confidence to become independent and in turn to feel pride at being able to do some tasks themselves.

Our Froglets are broken into two rooms each room catering for 24 children. Children learn a lot from each other and mixed aged learning is wonderful way of promoting this. These rooms can join together when required.

Leapfrogs - Pre-School 2

The pre-school years are a special time in the life of young children. During this period, they begin to trust others outside the family. They gain independence and self control and learn to take initiative asserting themselves in socially acceptable ways. At the same time they become keen observers of their world and experiment with their surroundings.


As they learn to understand others and express their ideas more effectively, their environment becomes larger and richer. In addition, pre-schoolers are changing physically, growing and gaining strength, agility and co-ordination.